M.O.M.I.E could not be as impactful today without the vital efforts of our supporters. For a dozen years, M.O.M.I.E has been putting the awakening experience back into education by immersing our children in enriching and meaningful content grounded in history and culture. As a result of our unique Program and your support,  M.O.M.I.E is able to make meaningful impact on our children and youth's lives and the community at large. The following are some examples of how our Programs are making meaningful change:

  • Maintains a 100% grade graduation rate for the seventh consecutive year. 

  • Youth who have grown up in our Program are currently attending the best high schools in the city including the Duke Ellington School for the Arts; School Without Walls Senior High School; and Benjamin Banneker Senior High School.

  • Our culturally-inclusive curriculum and methods strengthen family bonds and family engagement.

  • Builds critical thinking, leadership, and self-esteem by engaging our children in a rigorous and unique history curriculum.

  • Recently completing our capital campaign to renovate M.O.M.I.E's new, eco-green facility at the heart of Georgia Avenue, which houses one of our After School Programs sites, the Chlidren's Gallery of Black History, and acts as a welcoming and safe community center. 

  • Teaches chlidren and youth vital 21st Century Learning Skills so they are able to succeed in a changing and challenging 21st economy. 


Our long-term vision is to build M.O.M.I.E's capacity to serve as a cradle to college pipeline, where we are nurturing our children during there critical years of their development, making a long-term investment in their lives, and ultimately putting them on that life-long path to success and stability. Please join us in creating this vision.