Youth Ambassador Summer Digital Story Project


During the summer of 2015, the Youth Ambassadors partnered with the Humanities Council of Washington, DC's Soul of the City Program and American University Graduate Student and Teaching Artist, Lauren Kendrick, to conduct a digital story video project. This concept built off our Fall 2014 partnership with American University's Community Voices Project, to share the powerful narratives of our long-time parents and build off of our Great Persons Series by highlighting that "greatness" begins within our own families. This summer, Youth Ambassadors were tasked with developing their own digital story showcasing their creativity and storytelling, and highlighting a transformative turning point in their lives. The Youth participated in activities such as narrative composition, voice recording, photography, video production and video editing. The project culminated with the first-ever Youth Ambassador Film Screening, which brought together family and friends to view each students' short film.


A Visible Vision 

A digital story by Shalom Sabater. Shalom reflects on his journey as an artist. 

The Consciousness of the Universe

A digital story by Ania Benjamin. Ania accounts a lecture by her homeschool teacher on the consciousness of plants and stars and its affect on her outlook of the universe.  

The Art Experience

A digital story by Jobari Yarbourgh. A budding cartoonist, Jobari speaks on his evolution as an artist and his hope for the future.

Brotherly Love

A digital story by Luis Vivas. Being a big brother isn't an easy job, but Luis takes the duty with pride. Luis recalls the moment he first met his little sister and how his life gained a whole new perspective. 

Discovering My Identity

A digital story by Chinua Sabater. Discovering one's identity is a unique process. Chinua reflects on art and its role in his self-discovery.

Don't You Remember

A digital story by Mika Mathurin. Caught in the middle of divorce, Mika speaks on the effect her parents' split plays on her development as a young woman and gives advice to parents on how to help their children cope with the transition. 

Dreads to No Dreads

A digital story by Jahar Alston. Jahar recalls how a decision to change his appearance, not once but twice, lead to unbreakable self-awareness. 

A Musical Dream

A digital story by Eliana Davis. Inspired by a popular cartoon, Eliana accounts becoming the top clarinet player in her middle school band and her hopes to become the best player in the world. 

My Parents Splitting

A digital story by Jordan Ford. Jordan speaks on her parents' separation and how her love for her new baby sister, helped her have a new outlook on things.


A digital story by Luz Johnson. New to the sport of swimming, Luz reflects on her journey as a swimmer and her hopes for a scholarship.

The Proficient Poet

A digital story by Josh Sabater. With words as his weapon, Josh recounts his journey as a poet and how his inspiration for his writing comes from within. 

The Life of a Student Athlete 

A digital story by Kamau Stith. Kamau reflects on his life as a student athlete and its importance to his transition as athlete at Banneker High School in the fall. 

Thought it Was: College

A digital story by Jamilah Stith. The first M.O.M.I.E.'s youth to go out of state for college, Jamilah speaks on her experience applying to college and her expectations as a freshman at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Coming of Age

A digital story by Salaah Alston. Salaah recounts his journey during the rights of passage process and how it contributes to the young man he is becoming. 

Being a Black Soccer Player

A digital story by Yao Johnson. A budding soccer player, Yao reflects on the African American soccer players that inspire him and the racial injustices they have had to face.

From Elementary to Middle School 

A digital story by King Campbell. King shares his transition from an elementary to middle school student and his hopes for his first year of High School. 

My Trip to Zambia

A digital story by Zaria Stith. Zaria recounts a recent trip to South Africa and its affect on her view of the world. 

False Hood

A digital story by Tyrese Rowe. Tyrese reflects on his close cousin's tragic accident and its effect on his journey into manhood.


A digital story by Emperor Campbell. With the recent neighborhood changes in the DC Metro Area, Emperor sees these changes as new opportunity to explore.


Youth Ambassador's Film Showcase

photos taken by Heaven Horton - Summer Intern