If you can assist with any big or small items from our Wish List please contact LaKesha King at lakesha.momiestlc@gmail.com.



  • Laptop computers

  • Projectors

  • Individuals or businesses to host M.O.M.I.E events and informational nights



  • Gas cards for Program transportation

  • Gift cards from Costco or Target for items like paper towels, toilet paper, flatware, and soap

  • Gifts cards from Office Depot or Staples to buy school and office supplies

  • Gift cards from Amazon to buy supplies and curriculum resources for the Great Persons Series

  • Staff and Volunteer appreciation gift cards

  • Forever stamps for mailing

  • Gardening tools or plants


All items can be mailed to: Mentors of Minorities in Education, Inc., 2616 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001


*Mentors of Minorities in Education, Inc.  is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and your donation is tax-deductable to the fullest extent allowed by law.