After School Program

Provides our children at each of our six program sites with academic tutoring, individualized learning plans to strengthen academic performance, and develop leadership and character through our award-winning humanities curriculum, The Great Persons Series.  

Safe Haven Summer Camp

A unique opportunity for our children to engage in cultural and academic enrichment, swimming/sports, field trips, the arts and the Youth Ambassadors Initiative for older youth.   

The In-Class Children's Gallery Series

A dynamic, interactive children’s museum program dedicated to teaching history to larger audiences and building on the Great Persons Series.  The Series currently operates within classrooms at three long-time charter schools in Washington, DC.  

Older Youth Development 

Engages our long-time, older youth, ages 11-18, in the Youth Ambassadors Initiative, focused on the leadership, academic, and career development of our youth, to ensure our children have continued opportunities and supports during their middle and high school years.

Parent and Community Involvement and Advocacy 

Engages parents in leadership roles within the organization, and engage in community campaigns, parent meetings, and volunteerism.