M.O.M.I.E places a strategic emphasis on meaningfully engaging our families for a core number of years, making a long-term investment in their lives.  


M.O.M.I.E’s belief is that without the support, engagement, and assets of parents, we would not make the impact at the level we envision. For this reason, M.O.M.I.E has built up a powerful foundation of long-term relationships with families, caregivers, community partners, and schools, so that they are a consistent voice in the growth and development of our children and the organization as a whole. For several years, M.O.M.I.E has developed, nurtured, and grown our relationships with parents, caregivers, and schools. 


M.O.M.I.E’s relational and intentional culture demonstrates clear and powerful success: 

  • Children and families keep coming back, maintaining high annual retention

  • Children demonstrate exciting academic and social outcomes, and

  • Families serve as partners in all aspects of M.O.M.I.E’s work to improve our children’s educational outcomes. 



Stories of Struggle and Overcoming - American University School of Communication's Community Voices Project 


During the Fall 2014 Semester, six long-time M.O.M.I.E's parents worked with Dr. Nina Shapiro-Perl's Documentary Storytelling class at American University to produce digital stories in the efforts to highlight " greatness" within our families. For three months, a diversity of M.O.M.I.E's parents worked one-on-one with graduate students to document "first-person stories of struggle, pain, and hope." Each parent put a unique spin on a personal narrative and translated into a 2-5 minute digital story.

Marialuz Johnson


As her father's strength and memory wanes in his final years, Marialuz recalls her father's dream for his daughter and how she weaves his wishes with her own personal and professional calling to become a doula. In collaboration with Kathleen McLaughlin and Evan Mileusnic.

Ayize Sabater


It was at Morehouse College where Ayize had a watershed moment: He realized he had come from a long line of black folk involved in the struggle for justice.  They “poured into his cup” a life long commitment to give back to the community. So began his work to build schools like M.O.M.I.E's. TLC which has reached 10,000 kids over ten years. In collaboration with Mandy Cooper.

Shatoya Brown


A twenty-five year old woman recounts her ongoing journey to become her ‘best self’ and the strong and loving mother she knows she can be. In collaboration with Lauren Kendrick.

Kim Johnson


Finding music and dance to be a joyful release --  Kim takes her moves to the kitchen, the park and the laudromat! In collaboration with Leah Jones.

Eugene Yarbrough


Brought up by strong women yet living in a patriarchal culture, Gene rediscovers for himself the lineage of women that shaped his life. In collaboration with Robin Svendsen.

Tonya Allen


A single mother raised in the South reflects upon some of her life's many lessons. Discovering the secret to life, she turns inward, healing herself through exercise, nutrition and spiritual practice. In collaboration with Delana Listman.