M.O.M.I.E maintains a 15-year track record of educational excellence through award-winning, year-round education programs.  M.O.M.I.E's holistic, long-term approach to supporting our children and families has achieved some tremendous results.  


Due to multi-year investment from the Freddie Mac Foundation, DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp., and Maryland's 21st Century Community Learning Center Program, M.O.M.I.E has considerably increased our outcomes-based evaluations strategies to provide qualitative and quantitative analyses of our programming.   M.O.M.I.E's goal is to take this data and move forward to implement a longer term, longitudinal study of M.O.M.I.E's participants.



Annual Reports:


Youth Ambassadors visiting the FDIC to learn about potential career opportunities. 












Key Findings:

  • M.O.M.I.E's high quality staff and curriculum deepen parent and family engagement in the Program. Parents believe that the Program reinforces their children's identity development and a sense of "who they are in the world," their commitment to community, and an appreciation of history.

  • M.O.M.I.E's culture helps to strengthen family bonds and relationships by providing ongoing holistic supports and opportunities for parents to take "ownership" and "lead" efforts within the organization. The Program's curriculum engages families by integrating culturally inclusive methods to strengthen bridges with families.

  • M.O.M.I.E effectively engages long-time youth through a holistic, family-friendly culture, and increases youth's sense of safety and structure, confidence in their abilities, and academic competencies.

  • Over 90% of participants improved their skills in language arts and math competencies.

  • The Great Persons Series expands knowledge of history among participants and builds vocabulary, critical thinking, communications, and confidence.

  • Over 90% of participants improved their social behavior as demonstrated by their exposure and practice of creative conflict resolution practices, meditation, consistency in Program structure, and family commitment.

  • Long-time youth are attending some of the best high schools in the city including Duke Ellington School For the Arts, Benjamin Banneker Senior High School, and School Without Walls Senior High School.

  • Currently maintains a 96% Program retention rate.