“…And yes, [history] will change minds and lives at the critical ages of individual development…”

                   In Foreward by Dr. Charles Finch


A Fun Technique for Teaching History,

Cutlure and Self-Empowerment


M.O.M.I.E's Co-Founder, Ayize Sabater, recently completed his first book Tellin' Children Our Story, inspired but the cultural and humanities teaching model he developed and implemented at M.O.M.I.E's. Tellin' Children Our Story is a fun and resourceful book that outlines a simple process for creatively studying/teaching history or the life stories of everyday ordinary people, who are overcomers, which were able to achieve the extraordinary. This work, is designed as a teaching tool for children yet has also informed numerous adults. Lastly, this work aims to enlighten many but hopes inspire countless others to strive for the extraordinary!


Tellin’ Children Our Story will empower you to learn or teach:

  • Insightful tips for using history to transcend obstacles

  • Captivating conflict resolution techniques

  • Awe-inspiring social transformational strategies

  • Amazing & motivating real-life stories of tragedy & triumph


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